Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pepper Dulse

I'll hazard a guess that Pepper Dulse, a ruby red seaweed with branching fern-like fronds, was a favourite with Victorian ladies who liked to add seaweed  to their 'fern-mania' collections.

Yesterday at very low tide, we went to my favourite seaweed Isle, which looks across to The Isle of Eriskay. It is only accessible at very low tide.

 Some swam and then climbed upon seaweed, clad rocks.
Coco kept look out.

Meanwhile the Seaweed lady waded out to her island

and harvested seaweeds.

And a fortunate Island doctor enjoyed pepper dulse for brunch, the following day. Weirdly, pepper dulse (my new favourite seaweed) tastes of garlic - when Spring has long gone, try seaweed.

 Notice the colour reaction of pepper dulse in albumen, the yolk remains red.

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