Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Indebtedness to Dr Gavin Hardy

In the closing chapters of writing a Cook's Guide to Seaweed, I have found a friend. Dr Gavin Hardy has encouraged me to delve into ancient botany and his more lighthearted power points make me smile: Theophrastus' descriptions of seaweed certainly has 2014 relevance and this little snippet is usually reserved for the students of Newcastle or Edinburgh University.

'And, for the marine zoologists among you: ‘Anyone who enjoys eating pencil rubbers dipped in fish paste will find the common Limpet a treat.'
Dr Hardy has the most splendid set of seaweed slides, which is made for sharing. He also has his own seaweedy coat of arms 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Seaweed chat

The high tides have been crashing, and the low tides, welly boot drenching but I managed to find some dulse which would not look out of place on a mermaid.

Dulse on Kelp 

I also had a chat with Laura: