Sunday, 10 November 2013

No Animal Was Hurt In The Making Of This Marshmallow

                  In true Robert The Bruce style, the recipe for Marshmallow success was try, try and try again. Making sugar syrup is an art in itself but experimenting with the marine algae Chrondus  crispus in fresh and dried state was this marshmallow maker's nightmare.
                     One concoction was bullied by the taste of the sea, another refuse to set and was a rather dreary colour to-boot. Finally with the assistance of the sleep deprived South Uist doctor, who had had a busy Saturday overnight on call  EUREKA, a white, shiny and tasty marshmallow.

The recipe will be in my seaweed book and to be honest now that I've cracked the quantity and filter of the carrageen (Chrodus crispus), the seaweed set is the elementary part of this sweetie process.
A fluffy marshmallow mix using seaweed in place of gelatine