Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The South Uist Postie Bringeth Seaweed

Cooking with seaweed if you don't live by the sea and yes, it is yummy in cake. 

The Postie on South Uist arrives mid afternoon, today he delivered the first dried seaweed packages for recipe testing. They came from Bod Ayre and Sea Veg.
The  Victoria Sponge isn't a completely random addition, it contains home dried South Uist sea lettuce. If you like this idea, check out the recipe for sea lettuce madeleines in my book .
The book by Annie Dillard arrived in the post too. It is a complete mystery to me and I would love to know, to whom I need to send a thank note...  a shack on the dunes sounds most appealing. I hope that the heroine cooks lots of seaweed, I'll let you know.

I am happy to review all seaweed products. I will give my honest opinion and will not accept any payment for said review. If products are given free of charge, I will note this in any blog. If you would like me to consider a seaweed product, please email hebrideanforager (at) gmail.com
My aim is not to compare and contrast products, each product / producer will be blogged independently. I hope that this blog will make people aware of the versatility of Marine algae and become a useful resource for those interested in seaweed.

I cook with seaweed on a daily basis: it adds flavour (umami), can set and/or thicken, is easy to use and most importantly, is simply delicious, and this is all before the nutritional properties of seaweed are even mentioned.